Harmonious Transition

Are you new to the Raw Food world and do not know what it is?

 All foods are cooked above 42 ° C are lifeless, they lose most of their nutritional value, vitamins and minerals which consume when we feel tired, weak and sick.

Just think of the time you need to cook the rice and lentils … Have you ever stopped to think what nutritional value left over after they have been cooked above 100 ° C? Or what life is in the can of beans or tuna that has been on the supermarket shelf?Who knows how long they have been there and not to mention what you get for your preserves! Can you keep a piece of fish in your fridge for a couple of months? What life can be in these foods?

What I can eat following a Raw Food Diet?

Raw Food Diet is a divine diet based on plants, vegetables, seeds, fruits and nuts in its purest form. When you consume a food so high nutritional power, help your body to nourish, regenerate, deflate, relax but also to have an abundance of sparkling energy, glowing skin, mental clarity, radiantly younger! your digestive system will not have to over work to digest heavy and toxic food, your body will be free from pain and be free of desperate crave.

I have experimented with all kinds of food in my body. I’m no doctor and do not give medical advice, but a little more than 30 years of personal growth, training, training, learning, and passing as vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic strict Raw has prepared me to be a specialist in the field to help you find the way you want in life, and if this path leads you to discover the Raw Food I feel confident that you have come to the right person because I been there, and I have, for these reasons I consider be a person consents, trained and experienced to help you in your transition Harmonious.

Are you willing to increase your vibration on earth?

The Raw Food open your heart energy will lead to a new paradigm, you’ll love yourself and life, I feel alive, energized and aligned with your life purpose.

The Raw Food Lifestyle will connect more to your intuition, you will have more awareness and more general understanding of things, your body will transform and rejuvenate with dramatic results helping you maintain your natural and ideal weight and have a whole new vision of the life full of joy, happiness and health …….. diet or lifestyle Raw Food you will ever levels of consciousness have believed it was possible!

Are you tired of being tired and sick?

Eating a Raw Food your body will wake up with this new way of eating and dare nutrition wisdom reach body areas lacked health.

An abundance of green vegetables, sprouted grains and seeds, nuts, fruits, juices and smoothies will cover all the requirements for you to obtain optimal health. I always recommend that you ask for consultation and advice from an expert on the subject so you do not miss any nutrients and of course, I’ll be honored if you choose me.

Today we are not eating food! We’re eating products like food! are made to have a nice look and smell good in order to attract people’s consumption, also to have a long life on the shelf, then the goal is not to serve a healthy if not a proper product will you buy it, that last long and, above all, of great benefit to the company that produces it.

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