1. Does the Structured Water Unit actually filter out the toxins?

No. It pulls the toxins into the inner molecule of the water so they pass through the body without being absorbed. If there is room left in the molecule it will pull toxins out of the body as well.

2. What happens to the toxins in the water?

The toxins will stay in the water molecule until they find a place where they belong.

3. Is Structured Water free of bacteria?

No. The water structuring unit eliminates anaerobic bacteria (“bad” bacteria that grow in dead water with little or no oxygen) and stimulates aerobic bacteria (“good” bacteria). This is a natural effect caused by the oxygenation that occurs in the units: by raising the amount of oxygen in the water the anaerobic bacteria die off and the aerobic bacteria are stimulated.

4. What difference is there between the sink unit and the house unit?

The only difference is the connection size, implying that the amount of water that gets structured on its way through the unit is greater the bigger the connection is. That is the reason why the units should be installed according to the function they will have. The benefits are the same in all cases.

5. Could the Structured Water Unit be used on a rain harvesting system?

Absolutely! It will make rain water even more perfect.

6. Does the Structured Water Unit work well with Well Water?


7. Can the Structured Water Unit work efficiently in combination with a Reverse Osmosis System?

Yes. Whether the unit is placed before or after the RO system you will wind up with Structured Water.

8. What is the shelf life of Structured Water after it has gone through the Unit?

If no other major alterations are done to the water either by a harmful water system or by putting the water near harsh electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) then the structured water will remain structured 7 to 10 days in direct sunlight and in the confines of your home baring any of the forgoing conditions up to 30 to 60 days and even longer as we become more in tune with being structured ourselves. Other ways to extend the shelf life are to place the water in cobalt blue containers, this keeps the water shielded from the energies of the outside World. Use sodium bentonite clay containers. This material exudes the energy of all the minerals essential to life and gives Structured Water good things to think about.

9. Does the Structured Water Unit alter the pH of the water?

The Structured Water Unit will re-structure the water which will help bring the pH of the water into the proper balance for you body, which would be alkaline.

10. How do I know if my house is too large for just one Whole House Structured Water Unit?

Research shows that the water will effectively remain structured up to 300 feet after the . If your house is larger than this, then it may be necessary to place other units throughout the house.

11. If the water has excess salt and other residues, where do they stay? Must we continue to clean the unit?

No you don’t need to clean the Unit. Excesses that are in the water before structuring are still in the water after structuring. However they too are structured and their electromagnetic bonding is also structured at the molecular level. This effect will bring everything within the Structured Water’s field of influence into harmony. When Structured Water enters a living being it can only carry with it elements beneficial to life and all the rest goes out through the elimination system.

12. Are there any parts that need replacing?

No. The Structured Water Unit is maintenance free.

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