December 16, 2015

Dukan Diet Compared To Raw Food Diet

What is the Dukan Diet?

  • dieta dukanThe Dukan Diet plan uses a very high amount of processed and unprocessed animal protein while carbohydrates are completely excluded from your life.
  • Fruits, starchy vegetables and other grains are excluded too from your food list.
  • It helps with the desired weight loss but it has side effects as well which can badly affect the performance of a person in many fields.
  • The dukan diet does not take into consideration the detremental effects that are caused by consuming animals that are fed on eroneous foods for their species nor do they take into consideration the amount of antibiotics, hormones, herbicide and pesticide that are consumed by these animals on a daily basis

What Is A Raw Food Diet?/Way Of Life?

RAW FOOD is becoming the internationally recognised name to describe RAW VEGAN FOOD or LIVING FOOD  unprocessed foods, organic foods (wild foods) and where no animals  protein is consumed and foods are maintained in their original state and all the nutrients, enzymes, minerals & vitamins are intact.

Raw Food consists of consuming high quality organic vegan nuts, seeds, grains,sprouts and vegetable protein, these foods are not processed ove 42º maintaining their excelent nutritional value

Raw Food is considered as a high alkaline diet full of oxygen and by consuming these foods the experts say that these foods act as a preventive “medicine” on all levels

 Eating RAW FOOD is essential to your health and must be present in all your daily meals.

 In addition, RAW FOOD is a philosophy of life that respects the harmony of nature and the future of animals


Raw Food Is Most Definatly The Diet Of The Future For The Healing And Safe Guard Of The Planet.

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Dukan Diet Compared To Raw Food Diet - Raw Food Diet For Life


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