Raw Coaching by Beverley

When you begin a journey to Raw Food you will notice a change very rapidly and will feel an immense personal growth and enveloping. For this reason many people can be in a “struggle” to stay RAW inside, because they are not ready to go where their heart wants them to go. For this reason, although the transformation is rapid, you must have a conscious desire to radically change your life.

One of the most important things you need to know is that you can start a Transition to FOOD WITH LIFE in an EASY and HARMONIOUS way and take it step by step. One of the things I teach people who try one of my workshops, lessons and/or consultations is how precisely how to make a transition and the importance of eating organic foods, foods that have not been sprayed with insecticides or pesticides or genetically engineered.

RAW FOODS maintain their colour, flavour and taste the way they have been created. What you eat will create your future life and future body. Everything you eat will form your destiny and your body.

I have experimented with all kinds of food in my body. I’m no doctor and do not give medical advice, but I have now a little more than 30 years of personal growth, training, learning, and went from being vegetarian, vegan, strict macrobiotic to being RAW which makes me a specialist who can help you find the way you want to go in life. And if this path leads you to discover RAW FOOD, I feel confident that you have come to the right person because I have been there, and for these reasons I consider myself to be a conscious, trained and experienced person to help you in your HARMONIOUS TRANSITION.

Vision Statement

To establish the Hippocrates Health Educator Certification as a global leader in educating and empowering truth seekers to become active participants in bringing health and wellness to the world.

Mission Statement

To provide an educational space in which each student finds connection to and expression of physycal, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness gained through knowledge, skills and experience with a raw and living foods lifestyle.


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RAW COACHING - Raw Food Diet For Life


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