Who is Beverley?

Ever since I can remember, I have always had problems with food. When I was a teenager, I was completely anemic and weighed less than 40 kilos (88 lb). Later on, I suffered from hepatitis B and had to spend more than six months in bed. Luckily, I had the help of a very caring and dedicated allopathic doctor at the time, who recommended I abstain from eating meat and dairy products in order to recover and save my life. I won the battle! And very successfully so!

From then on, my goal has been to help people with serious health problems, and that is why, more than two decades ago, I created one of the first centers for alternative therapies and personal growth in Majorca, Bodhana, where I introduced Reflexology and Reiki on the islands. But after a few years, I was bedridden again. For 2 months I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and hyperglycemia and, once again, saved my life through food, this time with the macrobiotic diet.   Again I survived! After this experience I became a pioneer by expanding my range of activities and creating a massage center by the sea, on the beautiful beach of Illetas.


I continued my training, with many internationally renowned teachers within the realm of health and personal growth, and as re-birther and psychotherapist.During one of my training sessions in Virginia (USA), I bought a book by David Wolfe on raw food.  I had no idea what it was, but, I devoured the book in one single night and the next day I searched the Internet to find out more about this amazing concept. I don’t believe in coincidences, and when I learned that David Wolf was going to give a lecture in New York the following week, I was there listening to information which literally “blew the lid off my brains” and made a lot of sense to me:  “Cooked food is dead and raw food is life”.


I became a raw vegan the next day. Two years later, I went back to USA to train at the Hippocrates Health Institute, ranked as the world’s number one educational medical health spa, in West Palm Beach, Florida (USA). Since then I have continued to enhance my education as a Raw Food Chef, teacher and instructor, until I sold the Bodhana center four years ago, in order to complete my training as a Raw Food coach, dedicating myself to it with body and soul. I now prepare healthy food, work as private health consultant and chef, and have written a Raw Food book in Spanish. Weighing 14 kilos less than 11 years ago and having reached the ”golden age”, … it turns out that I have more energy now than when I was 18! I’ve never felt so full of life. Life is so exciting and stimulating. You can feel like this!  This way of eating can change your life forever!

As Health Educator and Coach according to the Hippocrates Health Institute teachings and as Raw Food Chef and Instructor (a Lifestyle Based on the living food principle), my purpose in life is to help those who, like you, are open and ready to learn and increase their awareness to feel peak health, feel better than they could ever have imagined, have a stress-free life style, free of disease, free of pain, loose or gain weight, have radiant skin and shiny hair, rejuvenate and enjoy longevity.

beverley hippocrates

Beverley Pugh

Hippocrates Health Educator, Coach & Raw Food Chef


My Services Include




  • Private and personalized consultations by telephone or Skype
  • Raw Food Coaching Program;
    A Harmonious Transition to Living Foods in 7 easy steps-Raw Food On Line Training for Beginners and Passionate Health Enthusiasts
  • Raw Food Catering for private lunches, dinners and events
  • Personalized V .I. P – 1 on 1 Gold Program
  • Group Detox Retreat Programs Based on the Hippocrates Life style and philosophy
  • High quality training for Gourmet Chefs and Kitchen Staff
  • I am also available as a Reiki Master for quality reiki initiations, rebirthing, reflexology,Indian head massage, Hopi ear candling and PSCHY-K treatments.



“Let thy food be thy medicine
& thy medicine thy Food”
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ABOUT BEVERLEY - Raw Food Diet For Life


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